22 Ways To Analyse Logs Using The Log File Analyser | Screaming Frog

Log Files are an incredibly powerful, yet underutilised way to gain valuable insights about how each search engine crawls your site. They allow you to see exactly what the search engines have experienced, over a period of time.

Logs remove the guesswork, and the data allows you to view exactly what’s happening. This is why it’s vital for SEOs to analyse log files, even if the raw access logs can be a pain to get from the client (and or, host, server, and development team).

Why Log File Analysis Is Important
Log file analysis can broadly help you perform the following 5 things –

1) Validate exactly what can, or can’t be crawled.
2) View responses encountered by the search engines during their crawl.
3) Identify crawl shortcomings, that might have wider site-based implications (such as hierarchy, or internal link structure).
4) See which pages the search engines prioritise, and might consider the most important.
5) Discover areas of crawl budget waste.
Alongside other data, such as a crawl, or external links, even greater insights can be discovered about search bot behaviour....

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