Cloud data analytics year in review, 2019 | Google Cloud Blog

Business intelligence
A key part of our vision in smart analytics is to enable analysts to perform enterprise-class, interactive analytics at scale without compromising data freshness or speed. In this regard, 2019 was a monumental year for BI at Google Cloud. Early in the year at Next, we launched BigQuery BI Engine, a new column-oriented, in-memory feature of BigQuery that’s helping customers like AirAsia, Vendasta, Zalando and many more democratize insights. The new feature enables higher concurrency and subsecond responsiveness for interactive dashboarding and reporting for data in BigQuery. 

Earlier this year, we also announced our intent to acquire Looker to round out our already powerful smart analytics portfolio with a platform for enterprise BI, tailored data applications, and embedded analytics. Finally, when it comes to democratizing data and insights, there is no more ubiquitous an interface for playing with data than a spreadsheet. Just last month at Next UK, we announced beta availability of a new feature in Sheets, called connected sheets, that lets you analyze and collaborate on billions of rows of BigQuery data right from within Sheets (without needing SQL!) with standard pivot tables, charts, and functions. In addition to the scalability and performance of BigQuery, connected sheets was one of the key reasons why HSBC chose to migrate their analytics workloads to Google Cloud...

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