Digital Transformation Is Critical For Business Development

In order to drive growth, a company’s culture must in fact promote growth at its very core.

Digital Transformation Is The Vehicle, Strategy Is The Fuel 

Because technology is so integrated in today’s business landscape, almost every business is a digital business to some extent. Old systems and processes have to be rethought, and new technologies have to be put in place in order for businesses to stay competitive within their industry. Companies are faced with many challenges as they navigate their way through this digital transformation. These hurdles can range from limited budgets for new technology to lack of the expertise or know-how required to roll out new digital initiatives. But the one challenge that is crucial to overcome is creating an effective digital strategy.

Strategy is what gives businesses the framework they need to effectively utilize the digital tools they have on hand. And without it, efforts and funds can go wasted. 

As an example, a company with thousands or even millions of social media followers that doesn’t engage with them effectively in order to convert those followers is a perfect example of jumping on the digital transformation bandwagon but not having a strategy in place to capitalize on the opportunity....

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