Mac Marketing Software

As a marketer the Mac is a powerful platform in which to complete many tasks efficiently.

Here is a list of useful software installed on my Mac...

Author: Ivan Wong


Productivity Utilities

1Password - app for keeping all passwords and other sensitive information safe

This is my preferred app saving strong passwords for all your sites (with easy fill-in options and keyboard shortcut access), plus any banking, passport, license, etc. sensitive types of info. Use with DropBox to access your passwords from any of your machines.

FluidApp – this free app has to be used to be understood - it provides a way to turn your favourite web apps into real Mac Apps

Divvy – one of my most-used utilities to re-size and re-position windows

Keyboard Maestro – a leading software for Mac OS X automation. I use it to increase business productivity by using macros(or short cuts) with simple keystrokes

Pocket – free app to save articles and webpages you might want to read later

AppCleaner – free app that helps you throughly uninstall unwanted apps

Path Finder – a better file manager for your Mac

Parallels – run Windows and Window apps on your Mac (do you really have to?)

VLC Video Player – free utility for when you run into any videos that QuickTime cannot handle


Editor Utilities

nvAlt – free note taking app

Evernote – free cloud-based note taking app

Taco HTML Editor – premier HTML and php editor for the Mac

MarsEdit – desktop blog editor for the Mac (this post is written via MarsEdit)

MultiMarkdownComposer – arguably the best Markdown editor for the Mac

Codebox – code snippet manager for Mac


Website Utilities

Acorn - my personal favourite image editor

Pixelmator – another lightweight Photoshop

Another nice alternative to Acorn.

Cyberduck – free FTP Client

Clarify – my favourite screenshot software

This has replaced Skitch as my preferred screenshot software.  It does much more including allowing you to capture, sequence and annotate screenshots to create documents that are a great alternative to screen recordings.

Charles Proxy – my favourite network troubleshooting client

Charles is an HTTP proxy / HTTP monitor / Reverse Proxy that enables a developer to view all of the HTTP and SSL / HTTPS traffic between their machine and the internet.


Business Utilities

AdWords Editor – free Google software for managing your AdWord campaigns

Fantastical – my favourite calendar app

Mac calendar that lives in your Menu Bar, syncs with Google calendar and allows you to add new events using the keyboard and natural language. I also like having a look at the overview of my schedule for the next few days.

Rapportive - Gmail plugin for knowing who emails you

Skype - app for keeping in touch with people around the world

Audacity – free audio recorder and editor

Diagrammix – app for building attractive diagrams

XMind – free mind-mapping utility for the Mac

Office for Mac – put the power of Word, Excel and Powerpoint on your Mac


Mac Software & Apps Websites

MacUpdate – Apple & iPhone software reviews

macZOT – daily sales on Mac software

MacHeist – bundled deals on Mac software

MacAppDeals – Mac deals aggregator website

AppStorm – reviews & deals on Mac apps

AppSumo – not a Mac website - but my favourite business deals website