How I grew site’s traffic and bookings by 475% [SEO case study]

Hey, SEOs! As promised, we start sharing the real-world SEO case studies on our blog. You will learn how other digital marketers structure their optimization campaigns, what kind of challenges they face during the project, and what results they achieve.

Pro tip: Content creation can take a great amount of time, so if you’re extremely tight on your resources, it’s a bit difficult to scale the process.

In this case, you can keep content creation on the client side (if possible) and try the following link building strategies that don’t require lots of content, but are much more scalable:

Reclaim backlinks by using reverse image search engines like Google Images. If you find site’s images used without attribution (and this happens all the time), make sure to reach out and require to provide a link to the original content.

Look for unlinked brand mentions and try to turn them into backlinks. You’ll be surprised how good your link acquisition rate may be with this one. To scale this process, set up brand alerts in a tool like Awario and reach out every time the new unlinked mention in a blog post/news article pops out.
Don’t ignore the broken link building technique. From what I’ve seen, it still works pretty well. But keep in mind that you should find relevant pages and your content should be up-to-date and comprehensive if you want to get that link.

Hope you’ll enjoy this case study…

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