How Sam Ovens Used Facebook Ads To Build An 8-Figure Empire (Case Study)

10 Key Takeaways From Sam Ovens Facebook Ads and Sales Funnel Techniques
1. Respond to people’s comments on your ads. Don’t just spark more engagement; use commenting to encourage them to check out your free offer.

2. Create multiple ads so people don’t get blind to your messages. Sam Ovens shows a different ad each time when driving awareness and bringing people back to the sale.

3. The length of the ad copy is not an indicator of FB ads success – because Sam Ovens uses lengthy copies. But one thing is true, his copy isn’t fluff.

4. Prospects don’t necessarily follow a linear path to buying. As a business owner, engage them at multiple points. Use extra free offers or bonuses (as with Sam’s free workbook and additional video training) that ultimately lead them to your product.

5. Sprinkle marketing power words on the ads and landing pages of your sales funnel. Sam uses free, now, quickly, straightforward, and premium. The right words can trigger desirable behaviors.

6. On your landing pages, don’t be afraid to include the same CTA button twice – above the fold and below the fold.

7. On your FB ad, add 1-2 links to your landing page. These links will serve as alternative gateways prospects can take – if they don’t click the ad’s CTA button.

8. Sam uses a countdown timer once – right before the webinar starts. Choose the best opportunity to display a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency. But like Sam, use it sparingly. There are other ways to create urgency such as the word NOW or TODAY.

9. Nothing beats a free offer with massive value. Get your free offer right and this will greatly influence how prospects perceive your product.

10. Follow Sam’s way of using social proof to generate conversions. Mention people or notable companies that mention you, feature testimonial videos and star ratings wherever possible.

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