Meet WriteMapper

This WriteMap shows you everything you need to know to hit the ground running. Don’t hesitate to play around in it – you can always create a new one from the help menu.

Learn the basics

Here are some of the basics that'll get you started with WriteMapper.

Begin by double-clicking this node

You're looking at the contents of this node! In this distraction-free writing mode, all this content is directly editable and stylable.

Return to the WriteMap, then select the next node by first hitting the Esc key, followed by the Down arrow key.

Hold Shift and click to quick-edit ?

That's really convenient, right? The Shift + Return keyboard shortcut does the same thing.

Select this node, then press Cmd+T

That creates a new node. Or, you can also use button in the toolbar below when in WriteMap view.

You can delete the node you just created by first selecting it and then hitting Cmd + Delete, or with the toolbar. Give that a try!

Drag & drop this node elsewhere

Hmm, looks like this node doesn't quite belong here. In the WriteMap view, try dragging it to another position where it'll fit better.

Save & export this WriteMap

Plan and structure your work in WriteMapper, then export to your file format of choice to finish it up.

Save this WriteMap

Hit Cmd + S on your keyboard to save this WriteMap as a .writemap file . You can then open it using WriteMapper later on to continue working on it. By default, your files are saved to ? Documents, and you can change the destination if you wish.

Export this WriteMap

You can export WriteMaps to different file formats, such as Markdown, HTML or Microsoft Word's DOCX. To do so, click the export button in the toolbar when viewing the WriteMap, or in the menu bar, go to File ? Export To. Alternatively, you can also export to your clipboard ?, ready to be pasted in your content editing app of choice.

You're done! ?

That’s all you really need to know. Feel free to start working on your own WriteMap — just hit Cmd + N to open a new window.

You can come back to this WriteMap later to learn the advanced features below. When you’re done with the WriteMap, you can export it to finish it up in your file format of choice.

We hope you’ll enjoy using WriteMapper!

Tune your setup

Set WriteMapper up to suit your workflow.

Toggle node info displayed

On the left and right of each node, you'll see extra information about the node when you hover your mouse over it. Displayed on the left is the header level of the node; a H3 tag would indicate a node nested 3 levels deep. And displayed on the right is the position of the node relative to its siblings; the 1/4 indicator would mean that the node is in the first position, followed by 3 nodes after, making for a total of 4 nodes in that level.

To toggle the display on the right side to show the node's word count instead of position, select View ? Toggle Node Info from the menu bar, or use the Ctrl + Cmd + I keyboard shortcut. Another neat trick is to hold down the tilde ~ key while viewing the WriteMap, which will reveal all node info, until you release the tilde key.

Set a comfortable zoom level

You can use the toolbar when viewing the WriteMap to change the zoom level, or with the keyboard shortcuts Cmd + Plus and Cmd + Minus. Cmd + 0 resets the zoom level back to 100%.

Toggle the WriteMap's layout

You can toggle between a centered or cascasing layouts of the mind map to suit your preference. This option is available from the View ? Toggle Map Layout menu item, or with keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Cmd + L.

Enable night mode ?

There's a night mode available — simply toggle the View ? Toggle Night Mode menu item, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Cmd + N.

Hide the toolbar to focus on your work

Work without any distractions by hiding your toolbar. Just click View ? Show/Hide Toolbar in the menu bar, or hit Cmd + /.

Configure your preferences

The default behavior of a few of the above settings can be configured from the Preferences window. Go to WriteMapper ? Preferences... in the menu bar to open it.

Boost your productivity ?

More tips and tricks to make WriteMapper work for you.

Convert lines of content into nodes

Sometimes you might start typing out the content of a node, but realize later that it's actually a more complex point. No problem! Just follow along here:

Highlight these three lines,

right-click here, and then

click "Expand Selected Lines"

And each of those will form a node with that line as a title, under this node.

Click the white circles to collapse nodes

As you organize your WriteMap, it can be very helpful to collapse and expand nodes to view things more simply or in more detail. You can also collapse and expand all nodes in the WriteMap by going to View ? Expand All Nodes or View ? Collapse All Nodes.

Learn some keyboard shortcuts

To explore all of WriteMapper's shortcuts, browse from the options available in the menu bar. Here are the most important ones:

Editing Nodes

Cmd + T Create a new child node

Cmd + E Open the edit view of the current node

Shift + Return Quick-edit the current node

Shift + Delete Delete the currently selected node


Cmd + Z Undo last action

Shift + Cmd + Z Redo last action


Cmd + Plus Zoom in

Cmd + Minus Zoom out

Cmd + 0 Reset zoom

Use Emojis ?

WriteMapper comes with full Emoji support, and you can use them throughout your WriteMap, however you like! Simply hit Ctrl + Cmd + Space while editing text to input Emoji.

Exports to all file formats also preserve the Emojis in your documents ? (when viewed using apps that suport Emoji), so feel free to use Emoji however you wish! ?

Color-tag your nodes

Color-tagging your nodes allow you to organize the structure of your WriteMap. To change the color tag of this node and its children (if any), click the tag icon in the toolbar below.

Before you go...

Just a few more things.

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Purchase a license

Thanks for trying WriteMapper! We hope it helped you have a more productive writing workflow. WriteMapper comes with a limited time trial, after which you can't make any new changes, but you can continue running the app in read-only mode to view existing WriteMaps. You can make a one-time purchase of a lifetime license for WriteMapper on our website.

Any questions? We're here to help!

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