We all have that moment when we really want to eat yakitori as work lunch, but there’s one girl who wanted it so badly she turned a drawer in the office into an oven with the help of an electric warming fan.

Named "Ms Yeah", the Chinese internet star had been releasing videos weekly of her cooking elaborate dishes with everyday office supplies since February 2017. In seven month’s time, she amassed an impressive number of followers across online platforms, with around 1.4m followers on MeiPai, 131k followers on Tencent, and 579k followers on YouTube.

Her videos, which are filmed at her office in Chengdu, China, shows how Ms Yeah grills steak using an iron, cooks ramen over a Bunsen burner, and roasts a chicken in a heated flower pot. Her determination to eat has made her a very popular influencer in not only Asia Pacific, but also in Europe and the US.

In an interview with Marketing, Ms Yeah disclosed her journey with brands, her transitioning from a creative, behavioural similarities she has noticed across regions, as well as what she does to maintain an online presence to connect with her followers.

While Ms Yeah refused to disclose how much companies need to pay for a native ad (paid content that is “in-feed” and inherently non-disruptive), Marketing has learnt from other sources that the number has passed RMB$500,000 (roughly USD 75k) per video...

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