Client 1 is a global luxury retail leader which commissioned us to search engine optimize all localized country websites involved in a global re-launch.

The project aim was to conceive and execute a SEO strategy that would help client understand its online competitive landscape and complement the online and offline activities relating to a global re-launch of the localized websites. To this end comprehensive keyword research and competitor analysis was done and the results presented in a SEO plan crafted to ensure client’s new websites were fully search optimized both content and code-wise.

The project led to a 68% increase in page one ranked keywords and implementing the SEO best practices framework and audit led to over 90% of new content being SEO optimized based on the detailed keyword research performed.

Client was “extremely pleased” with the quality of keyword research, benchmarked web metric data and SEO analysis performed, and extended the initial project to phases 2 and 3 to include new requirements on SEO best practices training, web 2.0 marketing campaign proposals and link building strategies.

Client 2 is a leading Singapore healthcare group which re-designed and re-launched all websites under the group.  MapleCommerce was engaged to search engine optimize all websites in the re-launch to appear in the top rankings for all researched brand and industry keyword searches.

We worked closely with our client to craft a winning SEO strategy, perform detailed keyword and competitor research, conducted SEO training and implemented web analytics for all websites under the group. Close attention was paid to competitive research and benchmarking, and a best practice framework was established and extensive training conducted to ensure client's staff were well equipped with the techniques to ensure top rankings for all targeted keyphrases.

Project results from the first month-end reporting show that the websites are ranked on page one of the search engine result pages (SERPs) for over key 400 brand and medical industry terms, and are poised to make even greater gains as new and existing content is optimized under the new SEO framework.