Unilever’s Southeast Asia and Australian region has launched its first Foundry 30 today, a list of start-ups that it believes are poised to affect technological and social change in the markets.

It is an extension of Unilever Foundry, which has been operating in the region since 2015, and is part of the Millennial 2020 event that is taking place in Singapore this week.

Read more at http://www.thedrum.com/news/2017/10/25/unilever-ramps-up-its-commitment-start-ups-asia-unveiling-its-first-unilever-foundry.

This year’s Foundry 30 are as follows:

billionBricks (SG)

Crazy S.O.B (IL)

DÄV - Digital Avatar (ID)

emporio analytics Pte. Ltd. (SG)

FOMO Pay Pte. Ltd. (SG)

Genero (AU)

GetCraft (ID)

Happi Pte Ltd (SG)

jumper.ai (SG)

Kobe Global Technologies Pte Ltd (SG)

LoopMe (UK)

Moving Walls (MY)

Narratrs (SG)

Neuro Flash (DE)

Picasso Labs (US)

POPxo (IN)

Shippit (AU)

Shopback Singapore (SG)

Silot (SG)


Sticheo (SG)

Taptopick (ID)

TaskSpotting (SG)

Try and Review Pte Ltd (SG)

UShift (SG)

Vaniday Singapore Pte Lte (SG)

Viddsee (SG)

ViSenze (SG)

Wootag Pte Ltd (SG)