What's More Important: SEO or Conversions?

SEO and conversion optimization work best when they're working together, so one can't be said to be more important than the other. Instead, what's important is setting goals for your website development, and establishing a timeline that allows you to keep balance between the two.

For example, you should have some onsite optimization and some conversion optimization complete before your site ever goes live. After that, it's a good idea to set your SEO strategy on rails, so you can take advantage of the months of persistence necessary to see solid results. And once your SEO strategy starts generating traction, you can use the new stream of traffic to experiment and push your conversion optimization strategy further.

Conversion optimization is really the only way to get more conversions, but SEO is just one method you can use to secure more traffic--it just happens to be the most efficient. If you're looking to complement the advantages and disadvantages of SEO, you can adopt an alternative traffic generation strategy, like paid advertising or referral links. As with most business strategies, balance is the key to success....

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